Meine Seminarauswahl

Meine Seminarauswahl

Our international projects

Our international projects

AKA – Active Citizens

AKA Active Citizens is a train-the-trainers and exchange project, promoting democratic participation and engagement at EU level of diverse young citizens in eight countries through transformative education. It builds momentum for the European Parliament Elections 2024 while empowering the youth involved through Awareness and Knowledge resulting in Action (AKA) for tackling environmental challenges in a collective and transnational manner.

The project meets many challenges engaging the youth, covering a wide range of prominent initiatives launched by the EU.The project is coordinated centrally by SOLIDAR Foundation and is implemented by eight project partners. Willi-Eichler-Academy (WEA) is the German partner to the project. Participants exchange experiences about running operations, so all activities of WEA are shared Europe wide. Activities of the project are conferences, field-visits, the joint work on manuals and workshops.

The projekt ist funded by CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights ans Values).


ECHO - Ethic/Common/Human/Open Source Network

ECHO is a project in collaboration with CEMEA, a French organisation of citizen’s education. It aims to heighten the awareness for a responsible and sustainable use of the internet by young people. It unites Ceméa France, Ceméa Italie, Ceméa Belgique, Solidar, Framasoft and Willi-Eichler-Academy (WEA). Activities are workshops and seminars as well as handbooks on best practice. The goal is to promote open-source products instead of commercial software, the refurbishing of mobile phones and other devices instead of buying new and a heightened awareness about the working conditions of people active in the manufacturing of those goods.

The projekt ist funded through ERASMUS+.

European Intiative for Migration legislation

This is a working project between partner organisations of Solidar aiming to promote a unified legal framework for migrants to the EU. Indeed, there are countless laws and initiatives to block people from migrating to the EU as well as some timid initiatives to promote migration for jobs needed in the member states. The main way to arrive to the EU is for most people to try to come as an asylum-seeker, even though the chances of acceptance are small. However, for some country nationals, the blockade of entering “fortress Europe” is lifted, if temporarily. Solidar denounces malpractice and inequality, as well as racist practices when it comes to people looking to move to the EU and promotes a unified legislation in order to enable people to have a clear idea of the situation that awaits them as well as ending the inhuman trafficking of human beings while giving a chance to everybody for the freedom of movement.

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Reflect EU&US

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Reflect EU&US is a project of exchange on historical topics between US American and German University students, funded by the German Ministry for Economic affairs and Climate action. It is organised by WEA together with Culture Academy California. It consists of two years moderated virtual exchange, coaching, researching, debating, and a beautiful trip to Germany for the US-Americans as well as a trip to the USA for the German students in the end. During the project, students are hidden behind avatars to avoid any prejudice. Students can choose between working groups on the historical documentation of racism, slavery, justice, nationalism, gender and the world order after WWII. One aim is to raise awareness of fact and fiction in the internet as well as on propaganda. Interested students can still participate.

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